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Advance Child Tax Credit


For all clients with dependents: Whether you unenroll or receive the advance Child Tax Credit (CTC) payments we ask that you please send us verification. 1. If you unenroll please send us confirmation of unenrollment as it will be needed at the time of filing your 2021 tax return 2. If you do receive [...]

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Child Tax Credit Unenrollment


Child Tax Credit Unenrollment Option The IRS has released an online tool enabling taxpayers to opt out of receiving advance Child Tax Credit (CTC) payments. This portal also provides additional information regarding eligibility and expected CTC payments. This payment is an advance of the tax credit normally applied at the time of filing. It [...]

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ADVANCE CHILD TAX CREDITPayments are NOT Extra Money More money might sound nice but you may wish to elect out of receiving the Advance Child Tax Credit payments. This payment is a reduction in the child tax credit applied at the time of filing your 2021 tax return. Here are a few things to [...]

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