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Advance Child Tax Credit


For all clients with dependents: Whether you unenroll or receive the advance Child Tax Credit (CTC) payments we ask that you please send us verification. 1. If you unenroll please send us confirmation of unenrollment as it will be needed at the time of filing your 2021 tax return 2. If you do receive [...]

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ADVANCE CHILD TAX CREDITPayments are NOT Extra Money More money might sound nice but you may wish to elect out of receiving the Advance Child Tax Credit payments. This payment is a reduction in the child tax credit applied at the time of filing your 2021 tax return. Here are a few things to [...]

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American Rescue Plan Act


American Rescue Plan Act Additional direct payments of $1,400 for eligible individuals Increased Child Tax Credit and expanded child & dependent care tax credit. Student loan debt forgiveness receive tax-free treatment Unemployment benefits increased Assistance with marketplace insurance under the Affordable Care [...]

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Tax Planning


Part of why I love what I do so much is seeing the positive effects and client relationships that come from planning and strategy meetings. It is a blessing to assist the businesses, farms and ranches that are the lifeblood of our community. lf you have never had a planning consultation and would like to [...]

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